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Minimum Car Insurance Coverage Required
by State of Georgia

In Athens and across the state of Georgia, the law requires that each driver has a minimum amount of insurance coverage on the vehicle being driven. The minimum amounts allowed by law are as follows:

$25,000 Bodily Injury Liability coverage per person
$50,000 Bodily Injury Liability coverage per accident
$25,000 Property Damage Liability coverage per accident

Of course, these amounts are merely the minimum required amounts. If an individual has numerous assets to protect financially or is responsible for a spouse and children, that person may want to carry larger amounts of liability insurance to ensure that the family and those assets are secure.

Insurers Must Transmit Insurance Info to State

Every automobile insurance company licensed to do business in the state of Georgia must electronically transmit each persons's insurance information to the Georgia Dept of Revenue's GEICS database within 30 days of the time the insurance will start. As well, the insurance companies must also electronically report any terminations or additions/deletions of automobiles from policies.

The information in the GEICS database allows the department to cross-reference VIN numbers (Vehicle Identification Numbers) with the tag and title database information to ensure that each motor vehicle that is tagged and titled is also insured.

Proof of Insurance Cards

Each insurance company doing business in Georgia must issue to its insured individuals an insurance policy information card for each automobile that is insured. The insurance card must be in the motor vehicle any time it is driven.

If traveling in another state, the insurance card can be used to prove insurance coverage if the auto is involved in an accident.

If someone else is allowed to drive your vehicle, you should make sure that the insurance policy information card is in the vehicle.

Save Money on Car Insurance

(1) Remove risky drivers from policy

(2) Pay premium annually, if possible

(3) Increase deductibles

(4) Carpool when possible.
     Lower mileage driven, lower rate.

(5) Good student discount

(6) Accident free discount

(7) Multiple car discount

(8) Nonsmokers discount

(9) Passive restraint discount

Attn: Military Personnel:

Active duty military personnel, whether resident or non-resident, may cancel their vehicle registration in Georgia voluntarily through the County Tax Commissioner's office. This cancellation procedure may be done prior to deployment or during/after deployment, as long as the vehicle will not be driven during the absence.

When returning from duty, military personnel can reinstate the vehicle's registration at the County Tax Commissioner's office after doing the following:

(a) Pay any and all applicable registration fees and ad valorem taxes due on the vehicle. The County Tax Commissioner's office will have that information.

(b) Get the required liability insurance coverage from an insurance company licensed in the state of Georgia and submit proof of that coverage.

(c) Submit Form MV-18G, the Service Member's Affidavit for Mandatory Insurance Relief. The form may be completed online, then printed and signed. Be aware that the signature must be notarized.

(d) Get an emission's inspection and submit proof the vehicle passed, if required in the county of residence.

If there are any lapse and restoration fees, the County Tax Commissioner may waive those if the service member presents official military orders that show active duty deployment outside of the United States for the time period that the automobile was not insured.

Help Prevent Theft:

(1) Don't park in dark places

(2)  Always lock your vehicle

(3)  Close windows and sunroof

(4)  Don't leave keys in car

(5)  Don't leave car running unattended

Hopefully our site has helped you with information about auto insurance in Athens Ga. Knowledge will help you make a wise decision when choosing a policy. Remember to enter your zip code in the box above to get the quotes you will need.
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