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Save money with cheap auto insurance in Fort Lauderdale. Simply inputting your zip code into the form above allows us to provide you with auto insurance companies with discounted rates in your area. You can get and compare quotes from these providers in a matter of minutes and of course choose the one that's best for you. Comparison shopping is the best and only way to assure that you are getting the lowest rates available when shopping for car insurance in Ft Lauderdale. You may also purchase your policy online, print verification forms and be compliant with all state and local regulations.

Did You Know?

(a) Statistics have shown the men have twice as many fatal accidents than women do.

(b) People who drive less miles have lower premiums than people who put lots of miles on their vehicles.

(c) Your credit history can be used to determine your auto insurance rates.

(d) The more expensive a car is to repair, the higher the insurance premium will be.

(e) Drivers younger than 25 and those older than 65 pay more for insurance due to more accidents.

(f) Where you drive and house your vehicle can raise rates. Urban drivers pay more than rural drivers.

PIP Coverage

Personal Injury Protection (PIP) will provide coverage for you in an accident, no matter whose fault the accident was.

The coverage will pay for expenses such as:

- 60% of lost wages

- 80% of reasonable medical expenses

- Up to $5,000 of death benefit

- Reasonable expenses for replacement services like housework and day-care.

For a free copy of the Auto Toolkit Consumer Guide, write to:

Auto Guide
FL Dept of Financial Services
200 E Gaines St
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0323

Or visit:

Save On Rates

Get a Good Driver discount if you're accident-free and ticket-free for a qualifying time period.

Successfully complete an accident prevention course if you're 55 or older.

Increase your deductible to lower your premium, if you can cover the deductible in the event of an accident.

If you're a non-drinker and/or non-smoker, some companies will give you a discount.

Drop unnecessary coverage, like comprehensive and collision on an older vehicle.

Safety Tips When Driving In Fog

Use headlights. Keep them on low beam.

Drive slower. Visibility is impaired.

Use wipers and defroster to minimize buildup.

Use road markings and painted lines as guides.

Do NOT stop in the roadway.

Use turn signals far in advance.

Signs of Road Rage

If a driver is exhibiting the following behavior, it could very likely be signs of road rage.

- Tailgating closely
- Blasting the horn or flashing headlights
- Yelling, shouting obscenities
- Throwing items from the vehicle
- Cutting off drivers / preventing passing
- Aggressive driving / sudden braking / acceleration

If you witness the above behavior in another driver, distance yourself from him and call the police.

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