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Georgia law requires that drivers carry
a minimum of $25,000 Bodily Injury Liability coverage per person and $50,000 per occurrence.
The minimum amount required for Property Damage Liability coverage is $25,000 per accident.

These figures are often written as "25,000/50,000/25,000."

Those are the minimum amounts allowed by law, but drivers may want to carry higher amounts, particulary if they have many assets or responsibility for a spouse and children.

Uninsured Motorist

The law requires every driver to carry auto insurance, but there are lots of drivers who have absolutely NO insurance coverage.

Because of that, it is recommended that you also carry Uninsured Motorist coverage. Georgia law provides two separate choices for drivers.

"Traditional" Uninsured Motorist Coverage is the less costly of the two, but it also provides the least protection of the two. "New" Uninsured Motorist Coverage provides additional protection at a higher premium.

You can learn more about each coverage at the website.

Other Coverages

In addition to Liability insurance, there are various types of coverage you may choose to add to your policy.

(1) Collision coverage -
This will cover your auto if you collide with another vehicle or object, or if your car is the only vehicle involved in a mishap.

(2) Towing and labor -
Each time your auto is disabled, or your keys are locked in your car, this coverage pays for towing and/or labor costs.

(3) Comprehensive coverage -
This covers damage to your car by theft, windstorm, flood, impact with animals, etc. You are usually required to pay a deductible with each claim.

Q & A

Question - Why do young men pay more for auto insurance than young women?

Answer - Insurance companies use statistics from past history to determine the rates they charge. Male drivers under the age of 25 are much more likely to be involved in accidents. Young women under the age of 25 have less accidents than their male counterparts, so the females are charged less on their auto premiums.

What Determines Car Insurance Rates?

(a) Where you live in Macon -
The condition of roads, the population, the number of vehicles, repair rates, and the number of accidents in your area are factors.

(b) Your driving record -
This has the biggest impact on your premium. At-fault accidents and moving-violation convictions within the last 3-year period greatly affect your cost.

(c) Your credit score -
Statistics have shown that a person with a low credit score is much more likely to file a claim.

(d) Vehicle use -
The more your vehicle is used, the higher your premium will be. For a vehicle that is only used occasionally, you'll pay much less than if you drive several miles to work each day.

(e) Type of vehicle -
The cost of repairing or replacing a vehicle of your type, its style, and the likelihood of theft, all affect your premium. Sports cars will raise your rates much more than a family car.

Tips To Save Money
On Car Insurance in Macon

(1) Pay annually or semi-annually,
NOT monthly.

(2) Increase the deductibles

(3) Accident free discount

(4) Multiple car discount

(5) Good student discount

(6) Nonsmokers discount

(7) Passive restraint discount


In 2009, there were 1,045 auto thefts in the Macon metropolitan area, according to the NICB (National Insurance Crime Bureau.)

To help prevent your car from becoming a theft statistic, follow these steps ...

(a)  Lock your vehicle
(b)  Take your keys
(c)  Close windows and sunroof
(d)  Never leave car running unattended

Distracted Drivers

Any activity that takes your eyes off the road while you are driving is considered a distraction. If it takes your hands off the wheel and/or interrupts your concentration, your risk of a crash increases.

In 2008, more than half a million people were injured and almost 6,000 died as the result of crashes that involved a distracted driver.

Fact - Using a cell phone while driving reduces the brain activity associated with driving by 37%.

Fact - It is 4 times more likely that a driver using a hand-held device while driving will be in a crash that injures them.

If you are involved in an accident...

(1)  Don't panic. Remain calm
(2)  Call police
(3)  Note the time, date, damage, location, injuries, road conditions
(4)  Exchange driver(s)' info...
name, address, license number, tag number, insurance info
(5)  Get witnesses' info
(6)  Take pictures
(7)  Draw a diagram
(8)  Notify your insurance company

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