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Get cheap Michigan auto insurance quotes, compare cheap Michigan car insurance rates, and even purchase your policy online in minutes if you want. Before You Start, Read THIS (Important Information regarding auto insurance in Michigan). Then use the zip code form above to get free instant quotes online now. From cheap car insurance in Detroit to cheap auto insurance Grand Rapids, Grosse Pointe car insurance to cheap full coverage insurance in Michigan, the lowest rates on the auto insurance you need in MI. In addition to cheap auto insurance in Michigan, we provide information below for your convenience to provide helpful information for residents - drivers.

Let's face it. The cost of operating a car is higher today than it's possibly ever been before. We need to take every opportunity to cut down our costs wherever we can. Getting cheap auto insurance is a sure fire way to cut down your auto overhead. Simply put in your zip code and get quotes from major providers for your individual area in Michigan. Urban or rural, you'll get quotes for where you live.

As for required auto insurance in Michigan, the minimum coverage by state law is stated as 20/40/10. This means required insurance coverage in the amounts of $20,000USD bodily injury liability per person, $40,000USD bodily injury liability total per accident, and property damage liability coverage of at least $10,000USD. With the ever increasing cost of autos, auto repair and medical expenses, we strongly recommend more coverage to protect yourself in the event of an accident, whether you are at fault or not. See for yourself how much you can save whether you need cheap MI liability insurance or cheap Michigan full coverage auto insurance.

Industry experts are predicting that car insurance rates will rise nationwide in 2011. The best way to assure getting the lowest price on your auto insurance is getting and comparing online car insurance quotes from a variety of providers. Only then can you be certain that you're not overpaying for your car insurance in Michigan. See what the Michigan government says about it in their Buyer's Guide to Auto Insurance for Michigan Consumers.

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