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Finding cheap MN auto insurance, just got a lot easier. Now you can locate cheap auto insurance MN, quickly and easily through instant quotes, comparing rates from the cheapest insurance companies in Minnesota and even purchasing your cheap Minnesota auto insurance online. Use the handy zip code form above to get cheap Minnesota auto insurance quotes instantly. You can also explore the sites reviewed below, which are provided for residents/drivers.

Minnesota car insurance, by law, requires minimum coverage of 30/60/10. What does 30/60/10 have to do with your Minnesota auto insurance? It means that by law you are required to carry coverage on your car of at least 30,000USD in bodily injury liability per person, $60,000USD total bodily injury liability per accident. The $10,000USD is the minimum requirement for property damage liability limit per accident. With today's cost of cars, auto repair and medical care, we recommend much higher coverage when you buy your car insurance in MN. Those facts alone make comparing various rates for Minnesota auto insurance, mandatory for keeping your auto expenses in line.

Whether you need cheap liability insurance in Minneapolis or full coverage insurance in St. Paul, get instant low quotes now. From Duluth to Rochester, Bloomington to Brooklyn Park, cheap insurance quotes can save you money in the months to come. Don't settle for less than the lowest rate available from a major auto insurance provider.

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