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Get the cheap New Jersey auto insurance quotes you need to save serious money on your policy! It's cheap NJ auto insurance for less than you'd expect to pay. See for yourself how much you can save whether you need cheap NJ liability auto insurance or full coverage. Use the "Get Free Quotes HERE!" form above and get the cheap New Jersey auto insurance quotes you're looking for! You could save a bundle with cheap auto Insurance in Jersey City or cheap car insurance in Camden. We help many people spend less on Cheap Auto Insurance NJ with low cost auto insurance companies in NJ.

Industry experts are predicting rising car insurance rates in 2011. It is more important now than ever to shop around for auto insurance so you can get the lowest rate! brings the competition directly to the consumer and we constantly strive to lower your insurance costs through advanced technology. Don't miss this opportunity to compare quotes from the best insurance companies in NJ offering low discount rates.

By state law, New Jersey requires auto insurance coverage in minimum amounts regarded to as 15/30/5. This equates to $15,000USD coverage for bodily injury liability per person, $30,000USD bodily injury liability total per accident. $5,000USD coverage for property damage liability. In our opinion, these coverage amounts are much too low and due to the current increasingly high cost of healthcare and autos/auto repair, we suggest you get quotes for greater amounts of insurance protection. Remember, when you need a New Jersey cheap auto insurance quote, your personal financial future could be riding on it. All providers offer same day auto insurance coverage in New Jersey.

Effective March 22, 1999, the New Jersey State legislature made vast and sweeping changes regarding the types of automobile insurance policies available to you as a consumer.

Subsequent to March 22, 1999 once it is necessary for you to renew or purchase an automobile policy there will be three types of automobile policies you can choose:

  1. a "mini policy"
  2. the "limitation on lawsuit" policy
  3. the "no limitation on lawsuit" policy

If you purchase a "mini policy" you can choose liability limits between $0 and $10,000. The mini policy basically prevents you from bringing a lawsuit in the event you are injured as a result of an automobile accident even if you are not at fault. You save a few dollars, but in the event of serious injuries in an accident, you may lose a great deal of money because you are prevented from going to court.

"Limitation on Lawsuit" The limitation on lawsuit automobile insurance policy restricts a your right to bring a lawsuit against someone what has injured you or their insurance company unless you sustain one of six types of injuries:

   (a) death, dismemberment or loss of a fetus

  (b) a "significant disfigurement or significant scarring"

  (c) a displaced fracture

  (d) a permanent injury within a reasonably degree of medical probability

"No Limitation on Lawsuit" This automobile policy gives you the right to bring a lawsuit against the other party to the accident and their insurance company, regardless of the severity of the injury.

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